Rick Roby

I was raised in a very close family, so joining the family business seemed natural to me.  As a family, we spend a ton of time together and have always been able to overcome obstacles -- that’s why Roby Financial just works. 

Throughout the years, I have learned to appreciate how important relationships and family are.  Working as a Financial Planner is not much different.  While there is the quantitative aspect of financial planning, there is a relationship aspect as well.  A good financial planner should be an extension of your family and along these lines, it was very appealing.  

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Business Economics from Willamette University and prior to joining Roby Financial over 10 years ago, I worked as a mortgage broker. Hanging my hat here at Roby Financial, I enjoy teaching, building relationships, delving deep into mathematics (when required), and strategic problem-solving.  All these were a perfect fit for the industry which I had a very good understanding of in advance. 

One of the things I find most rewarding in my career is face-to-face meetings where I work closely with clients while we set our sights on achieving their hopes and dreams.  There is nothing more rewarding than protecting clients’ dreams through both prosperous and difficult times.  

In my spare time, nothing brings me more joy then spending time with my two young daughters Rebecca and Brynna. Spending time with them doing arts and crafts, parks, reading, and playing games is always a pleasure.  I also play competitive tennis and have run the Robie Creek half marathon 9 times!  I love to cook and throw dinner parties, and oftentimes that leads to exciting game nights.  BSU athletics is something I enjoy watching.  During the summer I like live music camping and anything involving water. 

Kay-Cee Gray

I came to Roby Financial in 2015, after many years of working for small business, and family businesses, so I understand the love that goes into customer service, client maintenance, and relationship building. I entered the financial services industry so I could spend more time with my family. Coming from the non-profit sector, I found my time was spread very thin, and I needed to rebalance my time to make my priorities fit my actions.

What I enjoy most about my job today is being resourceful, and getting to provide exceptional customer service to support the needs of our clients. I have a B.S. In Human Development  & Family Finance from Oregon State University. I graduated Cum Laude in 1999 and spent 22 years working in Private Schools, nonprofits and the public sector.

In my spare time, I love to run. In fact, I have completed 25 half marathons and one full marathon in my running career! In the community, I volunteer with teen girls each week. I love to travel with my husband, daughter, and border collie. We own our home in Boise, so upkeep and gardening keep us busy. I’ve always loved math, but lately, I’ve been working on other languages like learning Italian and fine-tuning French.

Mark Roby

I joined the Air Force right out of high school and received training in radar technology. I received my Bachelor of Applied Science in financial planning from Boise State University and my Master of Science in financial planning from the College for Financial Planning. 

Upon moving to Boise in 1974, I entered the financial services business with New York Life Insurance. I acquired my securities license in 1975 and formed Roby Financial in 1977. 

I never had a specific reason for entering a career in financial services, it just happened organically. What I enjoy about this career is the ability to make a difference in people’s lives. I have done this long enough to witness how life and disability benefits have saved financial futures for families and businesses, and how retirement and educational planning have come to fruition. 

What I enjoy most, however, is the life-long friendships that have been formed. Over the years I have been involved in numerous charities and community projects too numerous to list. In my spare time, I play golf and bridge, dance with my wife, and am an avid fly fisherman and a voracious reader. My other pastime is spending as much time as possible with my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.