We Love Where We Live.

We’ve not only been fortunate enough to grow our business in such a kind and generous community but to live here too. As a proud member of Boise, Idaho, Roby Financial takes great pride in doing everything we can to give back to the community that has been so good to us over the nearly-five decades we’ve been in business.

That’s why, if there is a worthwhile cause that helps people in our community, we want to be there. In fact, we’re ecstatic about being there!

We’re happy to work with any local charity and organization in support of our fantastic community. From the Leukemia Lymphoma Society to Boise State University events, and to Wine, Woman & Shoes, we want to be a part of the goings-on.  

A strong community strengthens every individual in our society. For us, it starts with doing the best we can for our family and our clients.

Like a marathon, financial investing can seem like a long grind, and progress can feel hard to come by. Sometimes it can feel like you are at a virtual standstill. When it comes to marathons, it’s perspective, mental-toughness, and perseverance that push you through to the end of the race. Not brute strength. We think the two activities -- financial investing and endurance running -- are a lot alike. And we thoroughly enjoy engaging in both! 

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